Our advice

1. Turn your silk pillowcase over to clean it inside out and if possible put your silk product in a small washing net.

2. We recommend washing your CHILLSILK silk products by hand. If you prefer, you can machine wash your pillowcases at 20 ° C / 30 ° C maximum. Set the spin to minimum and let air dry.

3. If you want, you can 4. iron your pillowcase inside out and always on a delicate mode.

4. We do not recommend the use of colored detergents, with perfumes and endocrine disruptors. We recommend detergents for delicate fabrics.

silk is done 1 to 2 times a month only. You should know that silk is naturally anti bacterial and hypoallergenic. Your pillowcase can last for several weeks without having to be washed because it does not absorb your creams or sebum. If you want to wash them more often we advise you to buy sets to be able to juggle!